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We formed in late Wrath of the Lich King when everything had been cleared and most top guild has Icecrown Citadel Heroic on farm. During this periode the guild community started to settle and made the foundation for a fun and enjoyable atmosphere as Cataclysm was released.
    Initial the guild consisted of two seperate raiding group which both progress through Blackwing Descent and Bastion of Twilight, before merging together for progress in Fireland. During this period of time the guild kept climbing the progress ladder of Trollbane before settling in as one of the top guilds on realm with a Realm Third on Ragnaros Heroic.
    Aggressive Authority is now a competetive semi-hardcore guild that desires to fight for the top 3 positions as one of the leading guilds on Trollbane - EU.

We are currently raiding 5 days a week: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur and Sun from 20:00 to 23:30.
Although during progress weeks it might be required to form up earlier or adding an extra day.

A 81% attendance is expected from all raiders, as well as up-to-date theorycraft and overall knowledge of your own class (knowing about others is a huge plus).

For any information or questions please contact any officer (Proxim, Filth or Gum) online.