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Aggressive Authority is currently Recruiting (s):


Even though we might not be looking actively for your specific class, drop an application on our forum anyway, as we will always consider your application should we believe you to be something extraordinary. You never know, maybe you have what it takes to knock out one of our raidmembers, as everyone has to fight for their raid spot.

What Aggressive Authority expects of Trials and Members:

  • Have the ability to raid with a monthly attendance of 80%, 110% during progression.
  • That you focus on what YOU can do better, instead on what OTHERS did wrong.
  • Ability to take criticism without a fuss.
  • PvE always comes first! - Some enjoy PvP- but have your PVE specs ready for raids.
  • To have as little RL interference with raiding as possible.
  • To be motivated and commited, even when facing 200+ wipes on a progress boss.
  • To be available on specific days out side planned raid hours for the sake of progress on new content.
  • Having the ability to make yourself understood on the guilds Ventrilo server. The guild does consist of many different nationalities, but there are no translators in the guild. Able speak English and understand what is being said to you is a must. A good, working microphone is important.
  • We expect everyone to be social, a bit of banter, luls etc, is all good and encouraged. During raid hours, get your gameface and cut the crap.
  • Be mature, act your age, and don't be an asshole. That goes for the public channels aswell. Remember you represent Aggressive Authority - We will terminate you if you act up. Yes, terminate.
  • You are expected to know end game raiding, your character, the proper enchants, gemming and spec knowledge. Reading up on comming bosses is likewise expected.
  • We expect everyone to be dedicated, wether its rankings, healthy competition, commitment to WoW or an awesome friendly environment in a guild that is your mojo, fine, just bring your A-game.

How to pass the Trial

  • Gather 10x 100 year old soy sauce and donate them to the guild bank.
  • Have an attendance that is 100% for the trial period.
  • Broad knowledge of your class and specs - All of them. (others is a big +)
  • Being able to elaborate on tactics specific for your class/role on bossfights.
  • Showing good attitude towards wiping, being replaced or not receiving loot.
  • Overall good performance.

If you believe that you now know enough to make an application to Aggressive Authority, then visit our Application Forum and write your story. But do bare in mind that application forms that does not meet our requirements will be instantly declined. (There is a guide on the forum, use it)

Should you wish that your application to be kept a secret and unavailable to the general public, contact either Proxim, Benevolene or Gum for more information