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(Dec 03, 2015)
Hey guys ?!
(Dec 22, 2014)
BIG NEWS coming guys! BIG NEWWWWWWWWWS I SAY! Stay tuned :)
(Dec 16, 2014)
We are back BOYS
(Dec 14, 2014)
Hi Nurf
(Dec 14, 2014)
(Sep 25, 2014)
I now also quit WildStar. Too boring. I killed 5/6 bosses in GA (20 man raid) and found it lacking. It's just simple fights with wayyyyyyyyyyy too much HP. "Don't stand in the fire for 20 minuttes and collect loot!!"
(Aug 27, 2014)
It was more in the lore department, the dungeons were fun, but i never wanted to raid in it, and with only 5 dungs? Left me with nothing to do
(Aug 27, 2014)
Still 2.5 months til release, ill be alot more active when the new semester starts and release gets closer. In regards to Wildstar, i find it lacking quite a bit.
(Aug 26, 2014)
Ye, I'm enjoying it atleast. I tried ESO too, played that to max level, cleared the hardest endgame in an hour and cancelled my subscription. MUCH too easy.
(Aug 25, 2014)
Hope its still on! :P I played Wildstar, got to max level. pretty good game
(Aug 25, 2014)
Dominion on Ravenous - GO!
(Aug 24, 2014)
Instead of playing godawful WoW, why not try WildStar?
(Aug 24, 2014)
is your project still up?
(Jun 09, 2014)
Fewckin exaaaaaaams...
(May 28, 2014)
exams exams exams, rawr rawr
(May 27, 2014)
(May 01, 2014)
lalala life sucks then you die
(Apr 30, 2014)
(Apr 27, 2014)
(Mar 30, 2014)
I hated alot of people... You need yo step it up a bit ben.